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Again The Branch found itself involved in a fund raising venture, and again it was the same people turning out – The Magnificent Seven, plus a few. It was a shame I forgot my camera, as this bunch deserves to be in The Branch’s Hall of Fame.
Between them, they raised nearly £350 for Branch Funds.
As they all turned up and bundled out of their cars, they looked like a team from The Olympics, from many years ago.  Sadly, their cars were full of stuff needed for The Bash -no room for simmer frames. It has to be said that every adult who turned up to help us, had problems with their health or looking  their offspring, but they still made it. Thank God for The Junior Committee – now to be known as the minders – who looked after the older members and helped them on their way. Having had to help Pat up off the grass, they did ask me to ask him not to eat so much, making it easier for them to pick him up.
Pat and Stuart were left to play cards, while the rest were out touring the public, selling tickets for the barrow full of goodies. It was a good indication of Pat and Stuart’s youth, as they made over £60 on their card game for The Branch, while the rest made nearly £300 with the barrow, with the junior section being a great help with this.
It is a fact that if had we had two more adults and one more junior member helping us, it is possible that we would have doubled what we took. While one group rested, the second group could have done a trip round themselves, but having said that, we are well and truly satisfied with what The Magnificent Seven, plus a few, achieved. Well done to you all.
On behalf of The Branch – thank-you.

Obviously we would like to thank all those who helped us by sending in donations to fill the barrow. This was won by Joan Ives of Downs Place, who was overcome with the amount she received as her prize. It filled her living room, and she was left alone to sort it all out.




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