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Euen 23jpgIt became obvious last season that the younger members of our Branch were a great help to us, and they themselves raided over £1000 towards our funds. It was decided therefore that we should have a Junior Section of our committee, with a view that in time they would be able to take over the running of the Branch themselves, thus keeping what is a very old Branch going. So far we have four boys on our committee, and another, Euan McGinley, has agreed to join. What we need is some girls to join us, to give a female point of view. Soon the boys will be finding out that there is more to life than football, and will discover friendships with girls. It is important for them to determine that any potential girlfriend is a football fan. Girls on the junior committee must be our next aim. We need girls who are full of life, not afraid to take on tasks, and like football.

As you can see from this picture of our latest member, Euan, he is full of life, and already taking after some of the older members on the way home after a hectic day at the office (football). Already the registration of old and new members is being carried out by the boys, and they also have their own bank account into which funds are placed for future events. It already contains £15.00, and has only just been opened.

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