East Egg Hunt – Good Friday 2013 – GOOD being the operative word !


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Report by Iain Ross – Haverhill Branch committee member.

Having built up for this event in the very bad weather we were wondering what we were going to do with all the left over eggs, bacon and rolls with not many turning up because of the weather. No problem – as if on cue the weather changed and was beautiful. We were expecting 250 children to turn up however we ended up with closer to 500.

Having been told we were a bit over the top with eggs – we had 580 creams eggs, 830 mini eggs and 15 larger eggs – we ran out bar about 12 eggs as we closed up.

All our helpers had said during the bad weather that they would help which speaks for itself and were rewarded with a great days work. We had our problems on the day and experienced the holding back of the waves as back in bible times when all the children started before they should have done – our fault – the megaphone would not work – trying to get the childrens attention I made the big mistake of blowing a whistle and experienced the second problem when all the children decided it was time to start and like a herd of cattle in a stampede nearly flattened me – we got them back in the end and started as we should have done!

It was a very good day and thanks to the kindness of Tesco, Warburtons, Dalehead Foods, Peter Upton of Kedington Newsagents and an anonymous donator of half the Easter eggs it proved very successful – the best ever so far. The help from the helpers, including the younger element, was as always great and very much appreciated. Below are some photographs taken during the day.

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